Beijing Longfujia Life Sciences Ltd. was build in 2011. The company has the independent qualification of import and export. The company is the sole agent of the Ruskinn Technology Ltd. (the products are anaerobic and hypoxia workstation) and the AWEL International(the products are focus in microorganism area.) We have been the sales champion of  Ruskinn Technology Ltd. for 4 years continuously.
   Beijing Longfujia Life Sciences Ltd. is based in Beijing and has seven offices in Guangzhou, Dalian, Shanghai, Xi'an and Chongqing. We service for the customer, including the project design, the model visit, the equipment setup, the personnel trains, the suggestion for customer and so on. We are an aspirant and trustworthy group.
   The company focus in cell and microorganism area, we have many copartners all over the country, and we have hundreds of the customers in China.
    In 2014, Ruskinn trained us  to manufacture Bugbox and Bugbox plus in China. The workstations we made in China had passed the CE test.  That mean we can manufacture international high quality product!