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The demo experiment of Sweden Fluicell tiny area drug delivery system
The BioPen is a unique and powerful microfluidic system for maintaining localized superfusion in single-cell experiments, enabling control of the chemical environment around single intact cells in tissue or cell cultures. 
Fluicell tiny area drug delivery systems are widely used in  single-celled Enzymology, Ion channel Kinetics, 
 single muscle Fibers physiology, single-cell viability, isolated Exposure in Brain Slices, Cell-to-Cell Molecular Transport, Biomembrane Printing and so on.
Activity content:
DEMO show: to show you an unexpected new technology

Introduction:  to introduce some existing use cases of application of the new technology
Special offer support: for customers willing to do experiment in this year and can share application cases
model machine rental: for short-term needs of the laboratory to provide short-term rental service (in one month)

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